Inside Neck Printing

Many ‘off the shelf’ brands are now either offering tear away labels or only putting the size pip in the neck of garments. This is music to our ears as we no longer have to spend time carefully cutting away the label – we can just print the inside of the necks. There are a couple of ways of doing this but by far the best results are achieved by printing a plastisol neck transfer and then applying it with a heat press.

The detail that a neck transfer can hold, including all those little wash care instructions, is far better than a direct screen print to the neck. You also get a much more opaque print without the danger of the ink showing through the back of the garment.

This type of detail is a must for any brand as it transforms a blank garment into something that looks as though it’s been manufactured bespoke for their business.

  • T Shirts

  • Fleece

  • Brushed Fabric

Re-Labelling & Woven Labels

Another fantastic way of making your product stand out and command a higher price tag is to sew in a woven or printed neck, hem or sleeve label.  We work closely with a factory in Turkey and can turnaround labels within 10 working days of Artwork Approval.  Using our in house machinists, we sew them in here.  The options are varied so why not just ask us about the possibilities.

  • Inside Neck

  • Either Sleeve

  • Hem

Swing Tags, Barcoding & Kimbling

Depending on your requirements and the markets you still into, we can provide all the necessary details.  From sourcing and attaching the swing tags to outputting and applying the barcodes – all of this again done in house.  Shipping into third party warehouses where the boxes all need be a certain size and have all the relevant information listed on the outside, nothing is too much trouble – just ask.

  • Light Garments

  • Dark Garments

  • 100% Cotton

Folding & Bagging

Bagging garments in plastic bags tends to be a requirement when wholesaling t shirts in a retail environment – goes slightly against our green credentials (GOTS / Soil Association accreditation) but none then less, if that;s what you require, that’s what we will provide.  We have a semi automative folding and bagging machine, perfect for the job.

  • T Shirts

  • T Shirts

  • 100% Cotton